Just ask my wife about me and my emotional relationship with Tesla. She has seen me drooling over the cars driving by many times and besides loving its design and craftsmanship I am in awe of visionairs like Elon Musk so it is not just the machine, it is the man, the company and the entire higher goals behind Tesla that makes it the dream car for me. But honestly, without a job and without a fortune in savings and without a need to even own a car at all, a Tesla will probably always be a dream.

Tesla Model S

Now there might be a way to actually own the car some day, and that is through the stock market. Trading shares of companies used to be complicated and expensive but with the advances in technology the stock market is now open to anyone who can open an account with a broker, and you don’t need lots of money to start trading.

Tesla’s ticker (the code used for their stock) is TSLA and it is traded every weekday on the NASDAQ, a large American stock exchange. By opening an account with a broker in Europe I am able to trade TSLA and other companies’ shares every day to try and make a profit. The good (and bad) fact about TSLA is that its price is highly volatile, meaning it has large ups and downs. With this great risk can come great rewards, but timing the market is almost impossible so to be sure of profits you sometimes have to wait longer than you’d like to.

When I traded my first Tesla stock in March this year, the price was just over $650. Today, just after Elon reported the results of the second quarter of 2020, the price will go up well over $1600 (before it might go down again). So do the math: if I had bought 1 share of Tesla in March and held on to it until today I would be able to sell at a $1000 profit. Or, hold it for another year and maybe walk away with $2000 profit (or nothing at all if the company can not deliver on its promises).

Buying a Tesla would be easy for someone who can predict the market, but nobody, not even analysts with a lifetime of experience, can. What I can say is that Tesla is going to change the world. I will write many more articles about them, and I hope to one day make enough money to pay taxes over my profit, then get the Tesla, and have enough in savings to keep it driving for at least 10 years.

I will post a picture of me in my Tesla in about 20 years ūüėČ