If you knew my age, my kill/death ratio in first person shooters and my overall lack of pro gaming reaction times you probably would not. But what if it was just for having a good time with a non-raging gamer who also does not shy away from a gaming discussion while we are making our moves in “Heroes of the Storm” or another game you and I happen to enjoy? What if you just can not find friends online to play with. Or what if you have a hard time learning the basics of a game and seek out help at an hourly rate?

Would you pay 20 Euro for me to pick up my Xbox controller and play a game with you?

I am not joking, as I just became aware of ePal.gg, a website that helps you find companions in the gaming world. They strive to bring another level of excitement and happiness in-game but they do want you to pay for it, time and time again.

Curious as I am for anything technology and gaming related I went ahead and made an account on ePal. Then I started browsing some girls and boys who are playing the games I like, and within minutes I had multiple chat messages coming at me telling me how welcome I was and to ask them anything.

It felt awkward scrolling through pages of – mostly – gamer girls who offer their ‘friendship’ starting from $2 per match in all kinds of games, and I felt like a creep for even looking at them. But then it dawned on me that this also happens on Twitch where I not only stream but also watch others and sometimes I donate to them to support their efforts of giving me a good time.

I have not actually ordered any gaming time at ePal so I can not review my experience with their services, but what I can say is that there can be good and bad in their approach.

If you want to learn from a player better than yourself and are willing to pay for some coaching sessions, this could be a great service. And at a few bucks per hour it can also be well worth your cash.

If however you are just very lonely and are paying to receive some pseudo-friendship quality time online we are talking about E-escort services and I am not against it but I know how weak people could fall for this scheme and pay more than they can afford to feel like they are loved. And that would be just sad…

ePal definitely could have good intentions but on the other hand they are like a digital pimp milking gamers who are paid to be nice to people in need. Is this worse than subscribing or donating to your favorite Twitch streamer and ask for attention? I am undecided about the balance between good and bad, but please be careful not to fall for an emotional trap!