Coming from an era without Internet and mobile phones, let alone smartphones, it took a while before I purchased my first Apple iPhone. I never treated myself to a new one, so my first iPhone was a second-hand 2009 model 3GS (where the ‘S’ ment Speed, which now looks quite ridiculous of course). It was treated with love and care by its previous owner so I could not be happier… until ‘S’ was not speedy enough anymore for newer versions of iOS, the operating system of Apple’s phones.

Right when I was looking for a somewhat newer, second-hand iPhone my sister had one leftover and it was the remarkable iPhone 5s from 2013, 4 years younger than my 3GS. She gifted it to me (thanks!) and until today it worked well for me even though it does not upgrade beyond iOS 12 and it has only 16 GB of memory which is a bit tiny these days.

Broken Apple iPhone 5s

7 years (!) after the phone was produced I had it fall out of my hands two or three times and it landed very badly on its top-left corner, and the picture above clearly shows the damage done. It is about to burst or explode and I do not even dare to put it in my pockets or hold it to my ears anymore.

So today I ordered a second-hand iPhone 8 which was created in 2017, another 4 years ahead of my previous iPhone. I could have purchased the 2020 iPhone SE which is a way better deal if you are looking for a future proof new phone but an iPhone 8 will do the job for me plus I save on money and e-waste (which I will talk about in an upcoming post).

So from a phone with 480×320 pixels and 8 GB of memory to one with 1136×640 pixels and 16 GB of memory to one with 1334×750 pixels and 64 GB of memory. And of course faster processors and access to newer versions of iOS.

I wonder which iPhone from 2021 I will buy in 2024 ūüėČ