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Would you pay to game with me?

If you knew my age, my kill/death ratio in first person shooters and my overall lack of pro gaming reaction times you probably would not. But what if it was just for having a good time with a non-raging gamer… Continue Reading →

Another iPhone bites the dust

Coming from an era without Internet and mobile phones, let alone smartphones, it took a while before I purchased my first Apple iPhone. I never treated myself to a new one, so my first iPhone was a second-hand 2009 model… Continue Reading →

Is playing Pokémon GO worth giving up your privacy?

Am I even allowed to write about Pokémon at my age? It is clearly a massive name for our children and the rest of their generation, but as an old time gamer I think I should still be allowed to… Continue Reading →

My chiropractor is so funny!

He cracked me up during my first visit while mimicking my posture. I even told him – while laughing, but with respect for his knowledge – that he might as well become a stand-up comedian. I had no idea I… Continue Reading →

Why schools do not teach you about money

First of all: I like money. I am not rich and I won’t do stupid things to gather more, but even as a kid I enjoyed stacking my few cents and measuring how high I already saved them up. Once… Continue Reading →

The day I stopped buying games

One third of the world’s population plays games. Whether it is on their smartphone, their PlayStation, their Oculus Quest or PC (or any other device), about 2.6 billion (!) people game. I just happen to be one of them, and… Continue Reading →

Every adventure needs a first step

The 14th of July 2020. Exactly 3 years after my father passed away. And here I am, starting a new adventure, writing the first post of my blog “Richard In Real Life“. Why? Let’s not make this first post too… Continue Reading →

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