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Is car ownership the fastest way to burn your money?

The Netherlands is a small country with 17.4 million residents on 41543 square kilometers of space. That puts us in the Top 10 of population density in Europe. And even though we never have to travel very far to see… Continue Reading →

The dream to be in space for a few minutes becomes reality

When the crew of Apollo 11 landed on the moon on July 20, 1969, I bet a lot of us started dreaming about seeing our planet Earth from outer space as well one day. And yet, 51 years later, less… Continue Reading →

So this is how it feels inside a microwave oven?

Before I begin writing: do NOT try this at home! Also, I was not really inside a microwave oven today but I felt like I was in one, I hope that is good enough to start this post with. Because… Continue Reading →

I am bloody mad at myself and my body

Although I have not always been very open about myself, I make no secret of the bad state of my body and mind anymore. There are just too many issues going on that make it obvious for people who really… Continue Reading →

Neutralize volatility by dollar-cost averaging

Excuse me for making a post title that is quite a mouth full if you are not used to terminology that stock market investors use. I am not trying to look smart, I just want to explain how you can… Continue Reading →

To tattoo or not to tattoo?

If you were able to read the title of this post 10 times in a row without mistakes, you are allowed to read on 😉 If not, you probably already have a tattoo and want to know what I will… Continue Reading →

ZX81: our very first computer

So you have been programming or gaming or making creative work on your computers for a long time, and think you have seen a lot do you? Well I don’t want to flex, but sometimes it is good to be… Continue Reading →

My Inbox is empty, I can breath again

Let me ask you: how many email messages are currently in your Inbox, waiting to be processed? 200? 1500? 20000? In my case I was looking at about 1000 emails across multiple accounts, and I can safely say they felt… Continue Reading →

Trade $TSLA to buy an actual Tesla?

Just ask my wife about me and my emotional relationship with Tesla. She has seen me drooling over the cars driving by many times and besides loving its design and craftsmanship I am in awe of visionairs like Elon Musk… Continue Reading →

Why are birthdays supposed to be celebration days?

How many times have you celebrated your birthday and were happy that it was finally over? All the visitors, gifts, cake and laughters were great but boy did it feel good once the house was for yourself and cleaned up… Continue Reading →

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