He cracked me up during my first visit while mimicking my posture. I even told him – while laughing, but with respect for his knowledge – that he might as well become a stand-up comedian. I had no idea I just threw two of the most common chiropractor jokes at him, and he did not even get mad at me! If you read this D.C. L.: I again apologize for speaking so freely at our first meeting.

My body and mind are a mess. I have severe migraines for over 30 years, my back hurts easily even after light work, I am burned out, have a depression, suffer from a tennis elbow and a frozen shoulder, and the list goes on and on. Where do you go when everything seems to be in chaos?

My therapist who has saved the day many times over the past years suggested I go see Mister L. because she heard good stories from other clients she supports. Only a little over a week later I just had the pleasure of getting my third treatment from him and it feels good in a weird way.

The thing is: a chiropractor mainly uses the force of his hands to correct your spine which in turn frees up space for about 150000 kilometers of nerves that flow through our human body. I walked in for a pain in my lower back, but he actually considers the entire body as a system where everything needs to stay well connected in order for the body to keep itself in good shape. So I walked out with a little pain in my neck and had a heavy head for days, but I trust him and know that he is right: you do not just touch the location where the pain is, but instead you correct the overall spine so that your blood circulation and nervous system can work at their best.

“I used to see a chiropractor once a week but I stopped going because I was afraid I’d get addicted to crack.”

A chiropractor may not use the title M.D. (Doctor of Medicine) but do not be fooled: Mister L. studied for many years and had to practice for countless hours to be able to use his title D.C. and to be allowed to crack our bodies for the greater good. Classic medicine and dentists are everywhere, but chiropractors are number three when it comes to how many of them are active worldwide.

So after many therapy sessions with all kinds of professionals and after taking thousands of pills with different side effects I may just have found a new way out of my downward spiral of mental and physical pain. No one person will heal me, but if Mister L. can get me one step closer to a better life I will be very grateful!