First of all: I like money. I am not rich and I won’t do stupid things to gather more, but even as a kid I enjoyed stacking my few cents and measuring how high I already saved them up. Once I had enough to buy a long play album, a snack or a guitar I would blow it all and restart from zero.

Secondly: I hate schools. I always did. There is nothing wrong with the teachers who pour their heart and soul into making us smarter, it is just the system itself that never met my needs or expectations. That is why I really started learning AFTER I got my final exams done.

And there I was, in the military service, making more money than I ever held in my hands before and not knowing how to use it correctly. Why? Because neither school nor my parents taught me anything about money except “do not get into debt!”.

Schools were set up in a time when industries started to become larger and needed workers with a certain degree of knowledge to operate the machines to make money for the owners. And even though we evolved a lot in 100 years you can see that schools are still institutions that prepare young people to become workers in a larger system that is being controlled by the rich.

Teachers are often in debt themselves, as they also, like most other people, only learned how to work but not how to manage their budget. How are they supposed to teach our kids how to make more money by working smarter, not harder?

95% of the world’s population holds about 25% of all the money in the world, the rest is in the hands of those in control. The governments are not demanding schools to teach us life skills, instead they keep teaching us how to remember information from books and to work from 9 to 5.

Now I am not much of a political person but I do care about money, especially since my bad health makes it harder for me to gather it in the old school ways. I had to learn the hard way how to create a budget, how to remove costs that were not really necessary and how to open up my mind to other ways to stay out of financial trouble.

I just wish our government would teach us what we really need in life instead of making us spend money to remember what is already available at the click of a Google search button…