The 14th of July 2020. Exactly 3 years after my father passed away. And here I am, starting a new adventure, writing the first post of my blog “Richard In Real Life“.


Let’s not make this first post too complicated, too long-winded, too deep. Let me just say that although my dad lived for 88 years and he and my mom and their five children experienced a lot of ups and downs over decades, I still do not know that much about them. They wrote a story of their life that will never be read.

I do not want to be forgotten when I am gone. I want to be able to express myself in words and pictures and sounds and share these as the adventure of what is left of my life. After I stop breathing, I would like for my wife, my children and friends I made both online and in the real world to have a place to come back to and learn from my mistakes, laugh about my errors and enjoy the images I made for them.

Most of what I do is online, so my real world appearance becomes almost irrelevant. Through this blog I hope to tell you about how I try to regain my real life while also becoming more active online.

Thank you for reading, and do feel free to ask me anything.